Honoring Your Sorority on Your Wedding Day

October 22, 2018 at 5:00 AM

During wedding planning there are a multitude of traditions to consider.  There are religious, cultural, family traditions that all need to be incorporated into the ceremony and celebration. If you are in a sorority, there may be at least one more.

Most sororities have some kind of ritual that allows sorors to love on their sister as you make this important transition into married life! However, it is often a balancing act.  Many guests may not be familiar with the traditions and wonder what is going on.  Sometimes grooms are not keen on all the pomp and circumstance and may not see the value of these traditions. But as a woman with lifelong friendships and bonds, it is important to incorporate some type of ritual to acknowledge the women who have been long time friends and supporters!  And in some cases, even helped you see your groom was “The One.”

So here are some ways to do incorporate your sorority into your wedding day!

If you want to do a very low key acknowledgement, a corsage may be the way to go.  Many brides provide a corsage for their sorority sisters in the sorority colors.  The hostesses are responsible for pinning sorority sisters as they arrive.  Be sure to work with your wedding planner to make sure you order enough corsages from the florist.

The sweetheart song
In my sorority, there is a specific song sung at weddings in honor of the bride. Sorors surround the seated bride and sing to and with her.  If you don't want your groom to be left out, consider sitting on his lap.  He will enjoy the attention too!

Candle passing ceremony
Another sorority has a tradition of a candle passing ceremony during the reception.  A lit candle is passed around a circle and the bride blows it out and is congratulated by her sisters.

The "lean"
Consider taking a picture lined up with not only the ladies you were initiated with, but all of the sorority members present.  Once everyone is lined up according to height, lean back and smile bright for the picture!

Simple Group Picture
Have all your sorority sisters in attendance, come to one central area and take a group photo.  You will be able to see all the love and support you received from your sisters on this special day.

The stroll
During the reception, when everyone has let their hair down, some brides and their sorors will perform a stroll or party walk, which is a choreographed "strut" around the dance floor.  If you and your groom are members of Greek letter organizations, consider an inner and outer circle for the stroll where sorority members are in the inner circle and fraternity brothers take the outer circle.  Be careful, sometimes a party stroll will clear the dance floor so you may want to use it to transition into some other activity…. Bouquet/garter toss perhaps?

Last song
Some sororities have a song that is played at the end of the night. The sorority sisters have a special dance and congratulate the bride during and at the end of the song.

One piece of advice is to limit it to one or two acknowledgements.  It is about the bride and groom, not the bride's sorority.  Having more than a few becomes awkward for the other guests who may not understand the traditions and may feel left out of many of the festivities.

Does your sorority have a song or a tradition for weddings? Are you planning something special for your sister’s big day? Are you looking forward to a song on your own big day? Let us know in the comments.