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Jocelyn Devance Warren, MSW, PHD Owner/Event Designer

Hello! I’m Jocelyn, and I am delighted that you are considering A Paradigm Shift Event for your wedding or other special event! I am a Certified Wedding Planner who is creative and innovative. I am an experienced organizer, troubleshooter, and problem solver.   I have more than 20 years of project management and event planning experience but in 2013, I started my wedding and event planning business.  For years, as part of my varied professional career I planned conferences, meetings, workshops, and other nonprofit events.  It was something I did as part of my other positions and it was really easy for me to do.  But I was not thrilled about it.  

What excited me was planning life event celebrations!  Weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties... now those things excite me.  I LOVE celebrations.  As a social work educator, I encourage others to celebrate life's milestones. That is what brought me to wedding and event planning.  My goal is to make sure that life events are celebrated, recognized, and enjoyed!

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I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master's degree in Social Work, and a PhD in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, but I returned to school to be trained in wedding planning and bridal consultation to pursue my passion. I am a Certified Wedding Planner, registered with the State of North Carolina, licensed by The City of Raleigh, and insured with NV Ruccio & Associates.  I will bring the excellence of a trained, professional planner to your wedding or special event.  I work with my team of event planning professionals to make your wedding or special event a stress-free, fun, and memorable celebration.    

Please contact me soon, and let’s start planning an event that exceeds your expectations and shifts your paradigm! 


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