Andrea S.

“A Paradigm Shift Event is amazing!  I am always blown away by the attention to detail.  Everything is planned to the last little thing. Jocelyn is so creative! She comes up with the best ideas that are simple but so unique.   Things nobody has thought of that just make the event different.”

Raleigh Wedding Planner FAQ

Ashley K.

“The wedding was better than we had hoped for!!! We've said so many times "thank goodness for Jocelyn!" Thank you, and your staff, so much!! I have only praises and compliments and not a single complaint or constructive criticism! ;) ”

two silver-colored wedding bands on gray wood

Sarah Jane W.
(Mother of the Bride)

“You and your staff really helped us make it a day that we could focus on the wedding without worry!  We knew you were taking care of the vendors and all of the many details of the day, and it was awesome having you there for that.  And the work you did in advance of the wedding with our timeline and all of the vendor coordination was also awesome.  The guys especially complimented how well your staff took care of them and made sure they were where they needed to be.  And Jennifer, Connie, and I saw you in action in many ways, helping keep everything and everyone on schedule, coordinating with us women, watching and looking after the guests and the heat, coordinating with the vendors, and endless other things. Thank you again for all of your help!”

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